It's good to talk!

Thank you for being here, and for being with us on our journey dedicated to empowering the community, young people and their families.

Our Vision & Mission

We believe that it's good to talk, about the good, the bad, the ugly and the downright confusing. With children of our own, we know how important it is to have meaningful conversations around topics like wellbeing, mental health and grief.

Using therapeutic tools and practices, we want to empower the community, young people and their families to have open and meaningful conversations.

Our Story

We're Callie & Sarah the small but mighty duo behind Me and My Community. We're best friends with a mission for change, professional, dedicated, and licensed counsellors, mothers, friends, and trainers.

Me and My Therapy was created in 2020, inspired by a family friend going through a bereavement.

We used our skills and therapeutic knowledge to create a small bag of resources that could help the family from a safe distance. After receiving great feedback, we knew that more families needed and deserved better support.

Since then, our toolkits and workshops have evolved and have helped to support individuals, families, schools and businesses across the UK. 

  • Workshops & Training

    Tailored workshops designed to support reflection, build self confidence and share important tools to deal with difficult conversations around mental health, grief and trauma.

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  • Resources & Toolkits

    Explore our range of toolkits and resources designed for positive wellbeing and for promoting open and honest conversations around loss and bereavement.

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  • Awareness

    We want to change the way that people talk about bereavement and work with others to create better bereavement services and resources within the UK.

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