Workshops & Training

We offer workshops for children and young people, professionals, staff teams, parents and carers.

The workshops help attendees reflect on wellbeing, build self confidence and give them important tools to deal with difficult conversations around mental health, grief and trauma.

Our workshops can be tailored to your school, company or organisation.

Workshops with Me and My Therapy

We offer various lengths of our tailored Workshops:

2 hours

3.5 Hours (Half Day)

6 Hour (Full Day)

Our workshops vary in terms of tasks but an example of our full day workshop includes:

• An interactive and experiential training workshop delivered by one of our company directors to a team of up to 20 people in your setting.
• Workshops will include demonstrations of each activity and the opportunity to complete some yourself to facilitate sessions with service users.
• Training on the theoretical underpinning of each activity.