Growing Up Grieving - Improving Bereavement Support in Scotland



Thank you to the National Childhood Bereavement Project for featuring Me and My Therapy as a spotlight organisation in their latest report - Growing Up Grieving. 

The National Childhood Bereavement Project was created to honour the commitments made by Scottish Ministers to improve support for those who are bereaved during their childhood. The Project has worked to understand the experiences of infants, children, young people and young adults who have been bereaved under the age of 26 in Scotland.

The report was recently submitted to the Scottish Government and includes  recommendation's on ways to improve and shape bereavement support in Scotland. The report highlights new ways of looking at childhood bereavement such as exploring different forms of support, raising awareness and normalising grief, creating universal policies, offering clear advice, establishing bereavement grants, investing in peer support and much more. 

The report also shows just how much work still needs to be done to improve support for grieving children and young people.

Denisha Killoh, Project Lead said: 

"In this time, I have had the privilege of meeting with over 350 incredible people - each with their own experiences and views on how Scotland can become a nation that holistically supports its grieving citizens. Across all of these conversations, there has been a repeated, underlying call to action – that all of us must proactively prepare for ourselves, and those around us, being bereaved. ​The report echoes this call to action throughout, and I hope when you read it you can feel the ways you have helped to shape its findings.

I have always been open with the fact that my determination for this project stems from my own personal experiences. When I was fourteen, my mum died, and I felt like everything I knew, and found comfort in, withered away overnight. For years after I struggled to find my place in the world without my mum, and at times felt consumed by despair and hopelessness."

You can read the report here.

Thank you for all you do in helping to create much needed change in the bereavement sector. ⁠

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